General Plan 2025 & Specific Plans

Long range planning is policy-driven planning for the future. The City of Walnut Creek's General Plan 2025 was adopted on April 4, 2006. General Plan 2025 is a broad blueprint for the future of Walnut Creek with goals, policies, and actions through 2025. Information on the following is below:

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General Plan 2025

Adopted April 4, 2006

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General Plan Environmental Impact Report

General Plan Amendments

   General Plan Amendments Not Yet Incorporated

Resolution 08-53

December 16, 2008 LAFCO Initiated
Sphere of Influence Boundary Revision

Resolution 09-19

May 19, 2009 Broadway Plaza Retail Project
Broadway Plaza Shopping Center
Floor Area Ratio Change
Resolution 09-25

June 16, 2009

Centre Place Retail & Office Development
1275 South California Boulevard
Floor Area Ratio Change
Resolution 10-37

July 20, 2010

Locust Street / Mt. Diablo Boulevard Specific Plan (LSMD SP). Multiple amendments related to floor area ratios, building heights, setbacks, and other development standards. For more information refer to the LSMD SP web page.
Resolution 11-21

April 19, 2011

Sprouts Market & Retail Shopping Center
1510 Geary Road
Land use designation change
Resolution 11-49

August2, 2011

Walnut Creek Bicycle Plan
The plan establishes comprehensive goals, vision, and policies for bicycle travel, use, and facilities throughout the city.
 Resolution 12-53  October 16, 2012

 WC BART Transit Village

200 Ygnacio Valley Road

Amends Land Use designation from Public/Semi-Public (PU) to Mixed Use-Residential Emphasis (MU-R), setbacks, floor area ratio, and building height.

Resolution 13-21

May 21, 2013

Laconia Mixed Use Development
1500 North California Boulevard
Amends Chapter 4, Figure 11 -Reduces allowable average street setback average along project frontage from "Moderate" to "Minor".
 Resolution 14-30  June 17, 2014

Shadelands Gateway Specific Plan

2800 Ygnacio Valley Road

Adopts Specific Plan No. 14 and changes the Land Use designation of 25 acres from Business-Park (BP) to Mixed Use-Commercial Emphasis  (MU-C) for The Orchards Shopping Center.

Resolution 16-25   April 19, 2016

Marriott Residence Inn

2050 N. California Boulevard & 2047 North Main Street

Amends Chapter 4, Figure 4-8 - Increasing the maximum floor area ratio from 0.6 to 2.50 and amends Figure 4-10 increasing the maximum allowable height from 70 feet to 89 feet.


 Resolution 16-85  November 1, 2016

 The 2211 Residences

2211 North Main Street

Amends Chapter 4, Figure 11 applicable to the site from "Moderate" setback to "Minor" setback.

Resolution 17-62  August 1, 2017   Amendments to Correct Non-Substantive Errors and Errata


Specific Plans

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Redevelopment Areas and Plans

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