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  WC Permit Center

Welcome to the Walnut Creek Permit Center!

Please select from the list below to quickly find the permit page or initial point of contact.

Permit Initial
A Addition, Building Building
After-hours Work Building
Air Conditioner (Install or Replace) Building
Alarms, Commercial & Residential Police
Alcohol Sales, On-Sale Planning
Animals & Pets Planning
Awning, Commercial Planning
B Balloons, Commercial Promotion Planning
Banner Planning
Bedford Gallery Rental The Bedford Gallery
Block Party Engineering
Building (New construction or remodel) Building
Business License Business Licensing
C Conditional (Land Use) Use Permit Planning
D Dance Police - (925)943-5868
Day Care Center Planning
Day Care Home, Large Planning
Demolition (Buildings / Structures) Building
Demolition (Sidewalks / Curbs) Engineering
Door to Door Sales Business Licensing
E Electrical Building
Encroachment, Right-of-Way Engineering
Event, Special Engineering
F Facility Use, Rental Recreation
Fence Planning
Field, Sports Recreation
Furnace (Install or Replace) Building
G Gallery, Bedford (Rental) The Bedford Gallery
Grading (See Site Development) Engineering
Grand Opening Planning
H Home Occupation Planning
Home Based Business Planning
HVAC Building
I Inflatable Play Structure Recreation
In-law Dwelling Unit Planning
Itinerant Merchants Business Licensing
J Jump Houses, Portable Recreation
L Large Family Day Care Planning
M Massage Therapy Police 
Mechanical Building
Minor Use Planning
Movie, Film, & Videography Engineering
N NPDES Discharge Engineering
P Parking, Neighborhood Traffic Engineering
Parking Permit, Meter Parking Engineering
Picnic Areas, Group Recreation
Plumbing Building
Preferential Residential Permit Parking Traffic Engineering
Promotion, Temporary Commercial Planning
R RV Travel Trailers & Motor Coach Parking Police
Remodel Building
Re-Roofing Building
Roofing Building
RV Storage Planning
S Second Family Unit Planning
Sheds, Residential Planning
Sign, Banner (Commercial) Planning
Sign, Banner (Public Street Pole) Public Services
Sign, Business Identification Planning
Sign, Freestanding Planning
Sign, Shingle Planning
Site Development Engineering
Solicitor, Charitable Business Licensing
Solicitor, Commercial Business Licensing
T Taxi Permit (for Drivers) Police - (925)256-3585
Taxi Permit (for Business) Police - (925)256-3585
Temporary Activity (Commercial Promotion) Planning
Theatre, Lesher Center (Rental) Lesher Center for the Arts
Tool Sheds Planning
Tree Dripline Encroachment Parks / City Arborist
Tree Removal Parks / City Arborist
Truck/Oversize/Overload Traffic Engineering
V Variance Planning
Valet Parking Traffic Engineering
W Water Heater (Replacement) Building

ARCS - Recreation Services
(925) 943-5858
Business Licensing
Lesher Center for the Arts
(925) 256-1400
WC Police Department
General Business
(925) 943-5844
The Bedford Gallery
(925) 295-1423
John Davis, City Arborist
Parks Division
(925) 943-5839
Planning Division
Duty Planner

(925) 256-3558
Building Division
(925) 256-3549 
Engineering - Public Services
(925) 943-5839
Traffic Engineering
(925) 256-3529