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  Lime Ridge Open Space
City of Walnut Creek Open Space and Trails Division

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Where it is:
Off Valley Vista Road near Boundary Oak Golf Course Trail Map

What it offers: Hiking throughout; biking in marked areas

Yes, although leash rules vary depending on what section you are in and rangers recommend dogs remain on leash at all times.

In the North Lime Ridge area, north of Ygnacio, dogs must be under positive voice and sight command or leashed at all times. Since cattle graze in this area, dogs chasing cattle can be a serious issue. Lately, there have been some negative dog vs. coyote encounters when dogs stray close to dens as well.

No dogs are allowed at any time in the center section of Lime Ridge south of Ygnacio. This is the Lime Ridge Wildlife Preserve area. South of the Preserve, dogs are allowed once again but on leash only.